Incantations African traditional

African traditional Incantations


Incantations are spoken or chanted words or phrases that we say repeatedly to have magical, mystical, or spiritual power. They are used in various African cultures and traditions for various purposes, including rituals, spells, prayers, curses, and invocations. The belief in the efficacy of incantations typically relies on the idea that words, when spoken with intent and belief or positivity bend and influence or control the spiritual or supernatural realm. It’s not easy to understand how powerful African ancient spiritual power is until you understand this. Africa is the back of everything. To study more about African power, go to Alkebulan and All incantations or chant words are old African language. 

Here are some common uses of incantations in different contexts around the world:

  1. Magic and Witchcraft: In many African traditions of magic and witchcraft, incantations are recited during rituals or spells to invoke specific energies, deities, or supernatural forces and energy. These chants have helped us to achieve and perfect our desired outcome, such as healing, protection, or divination through generations.
  2. Religious Prayer: In religious practices, incantations can take the form of prayers or hymns. These are recited by adherents to communicate with the divine, seek blessings, or express devotion. Examples include the Lord’s Prayer in Christianity or the mantras in Hinduism and Buddhism. Religious prayers contain very old ancient African secret words that activate spiritual powers.
  3. Protection and Warding: Every African culture uses incantations to ward off evil spirits or negative influences/ energy. These protective incantations are often recited to create a barrier of spiritual protection around individuals or our relatives, families, and homes. These follow with protective charms, which could be jewelry pendants or trinkets. Often wearied necklaces, and bracelets. Materials like gemstones, ceramic, glass, beads, and most effective Gold, copper, and diamonds.
  4. Spiritual Healing: In African traditional medicine is the main healing practice, modern medicine is believed to contain most of the African traditional ingredients. Incantations are used as part of a healing ritual and African tradition as charms to support the process. This combination 100% helps channel positive energy and promote physical or emotional healing.
  5. Divination: In divination practices, incantations are recited to enhance the practitioner’s ability to receive spiritual messages or gain insight into future events. Divination and incantation are widely used by all spiritualist, religions like Born Again, illuminate, and Islam. Cultural and traditional healers like Red Indians, Hindus, and Buddhists.
  6. Ceremonial Magic: Ceremonial magicians often use elaborate incantations and invocations as part of their rituals to call upon specific spirits or entities for guidance or assistance. Manipulation of spiritual entities results in magic, for entertainment or healing and showoffs.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of incantations depends on positivity, belief, and energy spirituality, and their results can vary widely depending on the individual’s faith, intent, and the specific tradition or context in which they are used. Different African cultures and belief systems have their unique incantations and practices. Therefore, you can contact me for verification of your spiritual connection.

Incantations the book of old magic
Incantations the book of old magic

Magic and Witchcraft Incantations

Magic and witchcraft have a long history of using incantations as part of their practices. These incantations are often spoken or chanted during rituals or spells to invoke specific energies, deities, or supernatural forces. Here are a few examples of incantations used in magic and witchcraft:

European Abracadabra: This is one of the most well-known incantations associated with magic used in Europe. It is much used as a verbal component in magic tricks and illusions.

Its origins trace back to ancient times when it was believed to have healing properties and an amazing ability to deliver results instantly.

Wiccan Chants: Wicca, a modern pagan witchcraft tradition, uses various incantations and chants in rituals. For example, the “Charge of the Goddess” is a well-known Wiccan incantation that honors the divine feminine. I can’t state much about this because these are modern traditions.

Protection Spells: In witchcraft, protection spells must involve incantations. These spells are used to create a protective barrier around relatives, individuals, families, homes, businesses, or objects like cars, and houses.

An example incantation: “By the power of earth, water, air, and fire, protect this space from visible, invisible harm and mire.” repeatedly to ensure the strength of perfection of spells. 

Love Spells: There are many ways of making Love spells, in witchcraft way we use incantations to attract or strengthen romantic connections between lovers.

These incantations are highly personalized to the practitioner’s specific desires and intentions toward the relationship. Love spells without guidance may lead to total mess as the partner may completely become saved hence karma.

Invocation of Deities: Witches must invoke specific deities or spirits during their rituals. These invocations may include incantations or prayers directed toward the deity or spirit being summoned.

On this matter, professionals are only allowed to cast and summon any entity if it’s necessary. It’s always safe to work on this issue with other people, you’re not supposed to be alone.

Elemental Magic: Some forms of witchcraft, such as elemental magic, involve incantations related to the four classical elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These incantations are used to call upon the energies associated with each element.

With power imbalances elemental powers are summoned to balance the powers, still, these rituals are not done alone, and they may involve many offerings to balance them. It’s a professional work to handle.

Candle Magic: In candle magic, practitioners must recite incantations while lighting candles of specific colors to manifest their intentions.

For example, a green candle might be used for money spells with an accompanying incantation for prosperity. Red candles for romance and love.

Herbal Magic: Herbal spells and potions incorporate incantations to enhance magical properties. The spoken words do activate the magical qualities of the herbs being used.

It’s important to remember that while incantations play a significant role in magic and witchcraft, the effectiveness of these practices is subjective and must rely on the practitioner’s belief, intent, and skill. Additionally, ethical considerations and responsible practice are important in any magical or witchcraft tradition. Contact me so that I can help you sort out any problem troubling you.

Divination Incantations

These incantations are recited or meditated upon before or during divination practices to help focus on the practitioner’s intention and create a connection with the spiritual or intuitive realm. The effectiveness of divination incantations is influenced by the practitioner’s belief, concentration, and receptivity to the messages or symbols they receive during the divination process. 

Divination incantations are spoken, or chanted words or phrases used in various divinatory practices to seek insight, guidance, or answers from the spiritual or metaphysical realm. Incantations enhance the practitioner’s ability to access hidden knowledge or receive messages from higher powers. Here are some examples of divination incantations from different divinatory for other parts of the world and African traditions at large:

Tarot Card Reading

“Guide me, ancient wisdom, as I draw these cards. Illuminate the path of truth and reveal the answers hidden within.”

Crystal Ball Scrying
“Crystal clear, reveal what’s nearby. Show me visions, make them clear. Mysteries unfold, the truth untold, as the crystal’s magic takes hold.”

Runes Casting
“Runes of old, stories untold, reveal to me the truth. As I cast, the die is cast; let the symbols speak to me.”

I Ching Consultation
“Ancient oracle, wise and old, I seek your guidance, truths untold. Coins and lines, changing signs, reveal the path that I must find.”

Astrology Reading
“Celestial bodies, in the cosmic dance, reveal to me life’s circumstances. Stars above, with wisdom vast, guide me through the present and the past.”

Pendulum Divination
“Pendulum swing, reveal the thing, hidden in the depths of time. Show me clearly, what I must hear, through the rhythm of this rhyme.”

Tea Leaf Reading (Tasseography)
“Tea leaves in my cup, fortunes hidden up. Symbols and signs, secrets entwined, show me what’s to come.”

Numerology Insights
“Numbers, ancient code, reveal the path I must go. In your digits, secrets abide, let your wisdom be my guide.”

Dream Interpretation
“Dreams so deep, in slumber’s keep, unveil your mysteries to me. Symbols and themes, what do they mean? Show the truth in what I see.”

Angel Card Reading
“Angels above, with messages of love, guide me in this sacred art. Through these cards, reveal the guards, that watch over my life’s chart.”

Protection and warding incantations

General Protection Incantations:
“By the light of the moon and the strength of the earth, I ward off all darkness and negative forces. My spirit is protected, and my space is secure.”

Home Protection Incantations:
“In this sacred space, I cast a shield of protection. No harm shall enter, and no negativity shall stay. This home is a sanctuary of light and love.

Warding Against Evil Spirits:
“Spirits of darkness, I banish thee. By the power of light, I ward my space. Only love and positivity may dwell here.”

Protection of Personal Energy:
“My energy is my own, and I protect it fiercely. No harm shall come to me, for I am surrounded by a shield of divine light.”

Cleansing and Protection of Objects:
“I cleanse and consecrate this object, driving away all negativity. May it bring only positive energy and protection to its possessor.”

Protection While Traveling:
“As I journey near and far, I carry this shield of protection with me. No harm shall befall me; I am watched over and guided.”

Protection for Children:
“Guardians of the little ones, protect and watch over them. Keep them safe from harm and surround them with your love.”

Psychic Protection:
“My mind is a fortress; my spirit is strong. I am shielded from psychic intrusion, and my thoughts are my own.”

Protection During Dreamtime:
“In the realm of dreams, I am safe and secure. No nightmares shall disturb my slumber; only peaceful visions shall enter.”

Protection During Rituals:
“Before me, behind me, to my left and right, a circle of protection surrounds me this night. In perfect love and perfect trust, I cast this shield.”

Religious Incantations

NOTE: All incantations or chant words Across the world are old African language. Religious incantations are spoken or chanted words or phrases that hold significance within the context of a particular religion or spiritual tradition. These incantations are often recited as prayers, hymns, or invocations and are used by adherents to communicate with the divine, seek blessings, express devotion, or perform religious rituals. Different religions have their unique incantations and prayers. Here are some examples from various religious traditions:


  1. The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father): This is one of the most well-known Christian prayers and is recited by Christians worldwide. It is considered a model prayer and was taught by Jesus to his disciples.
  2. Hail Mary: A prayer dedicated to the Virgin Mary, commonly used in Catholicism.
  3. Nicene Creed: A statement of Christian faith that is recited in many Christian liturgical traditions.


  1. Salat (Prayer): Muslims perform daily prayers known as Salat, during which they recite specific verses from the Quran and engage in prescribed bodily movements.
  2. Shahada: The Islamic declaration of faith, bearing witness to the oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad.


  1. Gayatri Mantra: A highly revered mantra from the Rigveda that is dedicated to the sun god Savitar. It is considered one of the most powerful mantras in Hinduism.
  2. Om: Often referred to as the primordial sound of the universe, Om is chanted during meditation and prayer in Hinduism.


  1. Om Mani Padme Hum: A mantra associated with Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. It is widely used in Tibetan Buddhism.
  2. Namu Amida Butsu: A phrase chanted by followers of Pure Land Buddhism, expressing devotion to Amitabha Buddha.


  1. Shema Yisrael: A central declaration of the Jewish faith, proclaiming the oneness of God. It is recited daily by devout Jews.
  2. Kaddish: A prayer of praise and sanctification found in Jewish liturgy, often recited during mourning and memorial services.


  1. Mool Mantar: The opening verse of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of Sikhism. It outlines the fundamental beliefs of Sikhism.
  2. Waheguru: A word that expresses the Sikh concept of God and is often chanted as a form of meditation.


  1. Norito: Shinto prayers or invocations used in rituals and ceremonies. They are spoken in a specific ritualistic manner and are meant to connect with the kami (spirits).

These are just a few examples, and there are many more chants and prayers in various religious traditions worldwide. These chants hold deep spiritual and cultural significance for their respective communities and are an integral part of religious practice and worship. but they don’t know it consists of Alkebulan.

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